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Initial Nutritional Consultation –
1 hour.

• Comprehensive health assessment and clinical examination.
• Dietary history and modifications for tailored nutritional plan
• Functional diagnostic testing recommended where appropriate (e.g. Full blood tests, RBC mineral testing, CDSA (Comprehensive
Diagnostic Stool Testing), OATS test – Organic Acid Test, DUTCH hormonal testing, Food intolerances and allergy testing)
• Nutritional supplements prescribed where necessary.

Follow-up Consultations – 30mins.

• Consultations will vary in number depending on the individual and the degree of progress
• The current therapeutic treatment plan is assessed and changes implemented where required.
• Test results are reviewed and discussed.
• Continued support and education on meal planning, clean eating and how to make the right choices for your dietary goals.

BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) Consultation –

• A body composition screening tool useful for weight management and determining disease risk.
• Non-invasive and accurate in measuring body fat percentage, muscle tissue percentage, hydration levels, intracellular and extracellular fluid, BMI, metabolic rate, biological age and physique rating.