Loani McGarry

Clinical Nutritionist

My mission is to help you see health and wellness in a new light, providing a platform that gives you the confidence to make choices that lead to better health, increased vitality and greater happiness

Based on the Sunshine Coast I have been professionally involved in the medical and pharmaceutical industries for over 10 years however nothing has resonated with me more than functional, therapeutic nutrition. I’m a compassionate health professional with extensive knowledge in dietary analysis, functional testing and personalised nutritional supplementation.

Functional clinical nutrition is an holistic approach to health care addressing the underlying causes of disease by taking into account the interactions between genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors and the impact they may be inflicting on long-term health and chronic diseases. My approach to clinical nutrition is designed to complement and enhance the body’s natural healing processes whilst addressing the biochemical, emotional and nutritional foundations. With highly individualised treatment plans and unwavering support, I can provide the knowledge and nutritional tools to help achieve your personal goals and maintain a balanced, happier and healthy life.

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