Nutritional Services

Clinical Nutrition

Nutritional support for auto-immune conditions such as Coeliac, Rheumatoid, Multiple-Sclerosis and Thyroid Disorders. Integrated nutrition therapy for Oncology support and post-chemotherapy recovery. 

Adolescent Health

Assisting families to create healthy and balanced food environments to support normal growth and development, modulate hormonal changes and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. Individual, team and elite sport nutritional review and planning. Stress management and supporting the mental health of Senior students. 

Performance Nutrition

Sports Performance Nutrition from Elite to recreational to student-age and team players. Full nutritional review alongside training schedules and individual planning for pre-game, game day and recovery nutrition.  Corporate Performance Nutrition in the workplace for increased energy and focus during the working hours. Stress management techniques and tailored nutrition to support mental health and everyday challenges. 

Gut Health & Wellbeing

The health of your gut is foundational and indicative of your overall health. People of all ages and stages can experience an unhappy gut but it is never too early, or too late, to make dietary and lifestyle changes and correct these imbalances. 

Services Pricing

Initial Consultation$160 (60-90min)Student $110
Follow-Up Cons$100 (30-45min) Student $70
**Skype consultations by request, same initial and follow-up fees apply.
Personalised Meal Plans$150
Total Wellness Package$600
(Initial consultation, 3 x follow-ups, BIA analysis, Pathology analysis)
Performance Nutrition PackAdults $500Students $350
Follow-Up Cons $100 (30-45min) Student $70
(Initial consultation, 2 x follow-ups, Pre-race/Race Day/Recovery plans, Meal planning specific to training schedule)
(Tailored Nutritional Presentation -audience specific, Corporate, Gyms, Student Groups, Sport Clubs and Sporting Teams)



Initial consultation

A thorough get to know you meeting focussed on health goals through in-depth questioning around
lifestyle, medical history, pathology, exercise and training programs, work demands, family commitments, sleep habits and current diet. This information will then be formulated into a personalised nutritional plan. 


Follow-Up consultation

1 week later. Presentation of the Nutritional Plan, question time, problem solving potential barriers and tweaking the plan where necessary for confidence to move forward.


Further follow-up

A time for review and adjustments to the original Nutritional Plan. Pathology review if required and BIA or other biometric analysis progress.


Initial Nutritional Consultation
(1 hour)

  • Comprehensive health assessment and clinical examination.
  • Dietary history and modifications for tailored nutritional plan
  • Functional diagnostic testing recommended where appropriate (e.g. Full blood tests, RBC mineral testing,CDSA (Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Testing), OATS test – Organic Acid Test, DUTCH hormonal testing, Food intolerances and allergy testing)
  • Nutritional supplements prescribed where necessary.


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